Mark ZanoniVocals, Lead and Rhythm guitar, slide guitar, Harmonica 
Multi-instrumentalist Mark Zanoni  notable recent work was with North Central Wisconsin Blues bands Red, Hot and Blue (a line up that included Cadillac Pete Rahn on harmonica) and Soul to Soul (with Joe Fittante and Mike Fittante and horn man Gerry Plank). Both of these bands also featured Mark’s wife Michelle Zanoni on Bass. 
Mark was also a member of the band Hip Pocket, played fiddle and mandolin with the folk dance band Roll up the Rug and has been a guest artist with a number of other notable Northcentral WI bands. His guitar and harmonica work has also appeared on recordings by local band The Vibe as well as Christian musician Bryan Syrchio. 

He is also currently at work on a new original project with his sons Justin and Shane called appropriately Fathers&Sons. Their web site and blog telling their story is at:   

.Michelle ZanoniBass, Vocals
Michelle is the “heart of the groove” for Big Road. As former host of Blues Friday on WXPR radio, she also has an amazing depth of knowledge and a tremendous feel for the music. Michelle and her husband Mark Zanoni have been working in bands around North Central WI for many year, including Soul to Soul(with Mike and Joe Fittante and Gerry Plank) and Red, Hot and Blue (with harp master Cadillac Pete Rahn), Timberline String Band and Donnie Pick and the Road Band. 

Pete Stoltman: Drums, Vocals
Pete's background in drumming comes from a broad base of styles. His musical career started in his original hometown of Chicago where he became a respected musician in the jazz community. He moved to St. Germain, Wisconsin in 2002 and quickly established himself as a versatile drummer playing with a number of blues, jazz, and rock bands. Pete's drumming philosophy is "my first responsibility is to the groove".  Big Road gives him ample opportunity to express that philosophy.

Gerry Plank: Saxophone, Woodwinds, Keyboards, Vocals
Gerry brings a wealth of expertise to Big Road. In addition to his obvious instrumental and vocal talents Gerry is an accomplished composer and arranger. He has been a music educator his entire career and is highly regarded for his teaching abilities. Gerry has played with a number of jazz, blues, and rock groups. When he's not playing with Big Road he is also the brass section leader, featured soloist, and arranger with Joe Bucher & the Topraiders.  We are fortunate indeed to have Gerry  contributing his special brand of mojo to the group.

​Shane Zanoni: Guitar, Vocals  
​Shane is the newest member of Big Road and is featured with the band when he isn't  working with his own ensembles and bands at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, MN. He brings a fiery passion for music and a range of experience in many diverse styles from modern rock to jazz. His influences range from Gary Clarke Jr. to Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters.